Taut Band Therapy
Strategies for Pain Reduction


Date Location Workshop CE Hours Cost  
Sep 12 Durham, NC PAIN REDUCTION FOR KNEES*** 8 $145 register
Sep 13 Durham, NC PAIN REDUCTION FOR LOW BACK*** 8 $145 register
Oct 23-24 *
*Morehead City, NC

*Johnston Community College   **Carteret Community College - Register Here  ***$270 for both (call)


Pain Reduction for Knees - Day1
Saturday 8:30AM-5:45PM, September 12

In this workshop, participants will examine the anatomy of the knee joint as well as the muscles that generate movement of the knee. Studies will emphasize the causes and symptoms of numerous knee problems and the many challenges of accurate assessment. Students will explore a variety of strategic approaches to reduce or resolve these problems. Demonstrations and hands-on practice will be included.

Pain Reduction for Low Back - Day2
Sunday 8:30AM-5:45PM, September 13

Taut Band Therapy is one of the most effective methods for reduction of pain for low back problems. Patients sometimes come for treatment after having suffered with years of pain. With difficult back problems there is no substitute for specific anatomical knowledge, so there will be a thorough review of involved muscles. In this workshop, participants will learn new skills for accurate assessment and affective treatment for low back problems. Demonstrations and hands-on practice will be included.

The Movement of Massage
Friday 1:30-7:30PM and Saturday 8:30AM-5:45PM, October 23-24
Passive ranges of motion, specialized regional movements, and patient-assisted active ranges of motion may become a vital part of your strategy to reduce muscular-skeletal pain. Using movement along with pressure and manipulation, is not only more effective for releasing taut bands and trigger points, but also allows you to do so using less pressure.

Movement strategies will also improve your skill of assessment by informing your palpation and making it easier to identify specific muscles as causes of pain. Your patients will benefit from this more gentle approach and your hands will experience significantly less stress.